Help Them Home

April, 2023

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About the Event

Help Them Home is a day of giving for Orange County’s homeless. We are partnering with 25 organizations that will be separately raising money to end homelessness.⁠

Over 161,000 PEOPLE are homeless in California and Arizona. That is a 6.3% INCREASE in the homelessness population since 2020. This year, we have a $25,000 GOAL in being a part of the solution to help them home.

Last year, Mercy House ended the homelessness of 2,090 adults and children in Southern California and Arizona. Your donations make a direct impact on the lives of all those who call Mercy House Home.

Our goal for this year for Help Them Home Giving Day is $25,000 and we need your help to spread the word and to support us by making an online contribution. Your donations will go a long way in our goal toward ending homelessness in not only in Orange County, but all of our programs in Arizona, Kern County, Inland Empire, LA, and Ventura County.


If you would like to join and become a fundraiser for Help Them Home, please head to our Help Them Home profile and click "fundraise." From there, follow the instructions to create your own profile. We also have a toolkit available to help support your fundraiser. Check out our Help Them Home Toolkit:


To view our Help Them Home Profile, just click the photo below.

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