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Support our mission to end homelessness.
With more than 150,000 individuals experiencing homelessness in California and Arizona, we need your help.
At Mercy House our goal is simple: to end and prevent the homelessness of those who enter our unique system of care. With your generous support, we are able to serve hundreds of individuals and families in transitioning to affordable housing solutions while also saving hundreds more from entering homelessness.
How Your Donations Can Help
As you may not physically see your support being given to an individual or family, please know that it is changing their life for the better.
Giving icon with a bag of groceries
provides 2 weeks of groceries for a client’s family
Meals Icon with a fork and knife on a plate
provides 50 meals to individuals seeking refuge in an Emergency Shelter
Animal Icon with a cat and dog inside a house
provides animal care to keep a homeless person and their companion animal together
Housing Essentials Icon with household supplies like a couch, plant, shelter, and lamp
provides essential furniture and household supplies for someone moving into their own home
Family Icon with hearts inside of family
prevents 4 families with children from facing homelessness
Questions? Contact Us.
If you have questions about your donations or want to give in a unique way, please contact our Jacob, our Development Director at

Get Involved

We would love to connect with you about volunteering at one of our emergency shelters or donating with your group or business. We have opportunities to get involved through volunteering, donating, and internships.